KrogerFeedback – Take Survey at (50 fuel pt bonus)

Kroger Feedback – 50 Fuel points : Kroger Conducts a customer satisfaction survey in the name “Kroger Feedback”. Customer who are interested in enter into monthly sweepstakes could participate in the kroger feedback survey. In-return, participant could acquire 50 fuel points as a bonus for participating into KrogerFeedback Survey. The Customers who actively taken part of Survey are eligible for jackpot, 1 Lucky winner could Win $5000 or $100 Gift Cards respectively. Find deals to buy groceries from your nearest Kroger stores.

What Is KrogerFeedback?

Kroger Feedback Survey is for the customers of their grocery stores with their last purchased receipt are eligible for participation. Customer who buy groceries at the grocery-stores like Kroger stores frequently had wide variety of products available with good shopping experience. If Customer had bought is looking for best quality products, participate in the survey, as Kroger is the best choice when it comes to groceries store.

Customer will receive a printed receipt soon after the purchases. This printed receipt is mandatory in-order to take survey at KrogerFeedbac. After you complete your shopping at retail stores, make sure that you secure the receipt at the safer place (Begin the process before the print on receipt wipes off). As mentioned, Customer need to Take this KrogerFeebdack Survey within 7 days of your last purchase to win the 50 Fuel Points.

Kroger is the second largest grocery retailer that operates supermarkets and multi-department stores in United States of America to shop groceries at lowest prices. The Company is On Founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 , headquarted at Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1141. Kroger introduces new products & services that a customer needs in their stores frequently.

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If you have any queries regarding the KrogerFeedback, Contact customer support or FAQ

How To Participate KrogerFeedback Survey ?

In-order to participate in Kroger Survey, keep the printed purchase receipt which you had got from your nearest stores. Before you start, make sure the details you enter from the printed receipt was accurate. This Kroger Customer Survey is Conducted by Kroger only to know the customer’s satisfaction on their product’s quality or services available at their largest grocery stores. In this Survey, just need to spend 5-10 minutes of your valuable time.

  • To begin Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey, visit the official site of
  • After visiting the Official site, please select your preferable languages ie., English or Spanish.
  • After choosing the preferable language, participant needs to fill the information printed on the receipt.
  • Be sure that Internet connection is good enough to begin the process.
  • If your internet connection is slow, please click on “Load accessibility Friendly Version” link.
  • Then enter the following information printed on your receipt.
    • Date
    • Time
    • Entry-ID
  • If you do not find “Entry ID”, please click on “I do not have a Entry Id on my receipt” link.
  • Then you”ll be asked to enter
    • Store Phone Number
    • Date
    • Time
  • After giving in the required information. Then Click on “Start” button.
  • A online questionnaire is display on the screen.
  • A set of multiple choice questions with 4 choices is given where you need to answer all questions carefully.
  • After answering all the questions, you’ll be asked to leave the honest opinion based on Shopping experience you had at the “Grocery stores”.
  • Write few lines expressing your thoughts and give the suggestions if the improvement is needed in terms of their product quality at the stores.
  • At the end, you need to submit the “Positive or Negative feedback” whole-heartedly.
  • After submitting your feedback, a Validation code is displayed on the screen.
  • Produce the validation code to get 50 fuel points based on your purchase.
Note : Kroger Fuel points might differ based on purchase you made at the stores.

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Krogerfeedback has made it simple for respondents who are interested to enter the Monthly sweepstakes to improve your chances of winning every month kroger digital coupons. The Krogerfeedback Survey is organised in such a way that even a kid can go to 50 fuel points are awarded as given on the Official Site of krogerfeedback will make them understand the customer’s satisfaction. So that “KrogerFeeback” might try to improve their products and services. The least-satisfied customers was taken into consideration and were asked what’s wrong in their shopping experiences. Even though you give positive or negative feedback, feel free to give the honest opinions based on the experience you had at Kroger stores.

Kroger is the No. 2 U.S. brick-and-mortar grocery seller, with a 9% share of the market in 2018, trailing only Walmart and its 26% share, according to Euromonitor data.


What’s new products available in Kroger when compared to other stores ?

Customer can expects every product or service that a Customer needs in their stores.

What are the benefits of grocery shopping at the stores?

Choosing a good quality product at a lowest prices in the store is the main reason to attain customer retention.

Does everyone get bonus fuel points Who purchase or shop at the nearest grocery stores ?

Only Kroger Plus Card holder has an eligibility to obtain fuel points from Kroger fuel center by logging on to Kroegrfeedback.

What’s the benefit of taking this krogerfeedback survey apart from 50 fuel points ?

Customer can literally have chance to Win $5000 or $100 Gift cards in the lottery.

What can you use a Kroger gift cards for?

On your next visit to their grocery supermarket chains, you can redeem gift cards to shop for groceries.

What do you like shopping for at the grocery shop ?

Customers love to shop groceries as Kroger is a major retail company in United States of America.

Does Kroger stands a larger retail stores in United States of America ?

No. Kroger supermarket is a second largest Supermarket chains in the United States where Walmart stands in the 1st place. But stands as largest grocery chains in US according to statista based on retail sales.

Does Kroger have private brands ?

Yes..!! Kroger brands are operated and promote the quality products at lowest price at their stores.

Do I need to make the Shopping list to purchase items before visiting the local grocery store.

If you do love to shop in-store, Shopping list could help to make your shopping experience simple.

When asked to submit the feedback ? What Should I write as a customer ?

Customer feedback is essential to estimate how well the customers are satisfied with their products. Please give your valuable feedback to enhance this product’s quality, ambience, overall satisfaction you had at the stores.

How does my feedback could help the grocery store ?

Your feedback is valuable to us. Incorporating customer feedback about your products, Kroger know how to enhance the products at their stores.

How much time do i need to answer those Multiple Choice questions ?

In these type of Surveys, just need to spend 5-10 minutes of your valuable time to answer all those questions based on the experience you had at the Kroger Pharmacy Hours.

What are the chances of winning before completion of sweepstakes ?

Entering monthly sweepstakes every month, they could save all the entries for a grand prize of $1000 and hundred $100 Gift-Cards.

What are the products offered at the supermarket ?

This Supermarket offers the wide variety of branded food, beverages and household products, organised into sections. Also it has many own-branded products as it is low-priced store.

How pleasant shopping experience was when you shop at the retail-stores?

Self-Service Shopping gives the consumers the shopping experience more pleasurable

Why Do Kroger collect the Customer Feedback ?

Collecting feedback from customers can help to know the opinions and improve the products and services.

Why Is krogerfeedback important for a store ?

It is measurement where the supermarket Chains try to understand the customers and try their level best to improve customer satisfaction(CSAT).

Why Krogerfeedback is not working or server down ?

If you encounter issues with KrogerFeedback, please go to new url :

Where Can I Redeem Kroger Fuel Points?

Fuel points can be redeemed at any nearest stores of Kroger. You can find the nearest redemption location to you by clicking here.

Do Kroger fuel points expire?

Yes, fuel points expires on the last day of the following month in which they were earned. For example, if you earn fuel points in May, they expire on the last day of June.

How do Kroger stores collect Feedback ?

Feedback is important to know about to know how well the customers are satisfied with their quality of product’s, ambience, satisfaction customers had at the stores.

24 thoughts on “KrogerFeedback – Take Survey at (50 fuel pt bonus)”

  1. Geraldine Scott

    I shop frequently at Kroger. Sometime i am in a hurry and don’t leave my information, but i do love your fresh vegetables.

  2. I spent two weeks trying to get the feedback page to actually open and be able to add fuel points. why you had to change the old survey? I see you took off the sweepstakes too. Anyhow, I have not done hardly any surveys in the past two months due to the page not opening correctly.

    I buy over 200 at a time, and I refuse to do self check.. Keep the cashiers.

  3. Bill McCartney

    There are many things I like about my Kroger store.
    Its convenient location.
    Its quality store brand items
    Its friendly, helpful staff.
    On the other hand, three things trouble me.
    Extra displays cluttering the aisles.
    Some time agravations in accessing Feedbak Rewards Survey
    Digital coupons. Why can I access them more easily?

  4. I have an abundance of fuel points available for redemption, but with seven days of extensive grocery and pharmacy shopping ahead, my receipts have been piling up from September until February. How can I utilize these receipts to claim my points?

  5. My receipt did not show info to complete survey for
    50 fuel points. I visited store at Harrison (513-367-2100) on 4/4 at 9:24 am. I would like to have my 50 points.

    Thank you. Larry Ford

  6. It’s always a pleasure shopping at this Kroger store at 6580 E Main Street in Reynolds Ohio, it’s close to My house and Ronnie Was very courteous and knowledgeable about Store and respectful. Made one feel very comfortable. Good job guys keep it up 💯🥳

  7. I shop for groceries 2 or 3 times/week. i like kroger because i worked at kroger wwhen in school/14 years old and my7 mother had to si9gn a message to mr. gene mullins stating her permission for me to get the job.. the reason i like kroger is because the freshness of the produce and the meat is as good as it gets. also the people they hire are good people..this was a long time ago 1955 when i was 14 yo. and i assume the freshness and hi quality and good people are sti8ll there today…..thank you clinton shilling

  8. nice day, so i drove to a kroger market place, rather than shop at my local dingy kroger store. what a difference! wide aisles, great selection, clean, and a quick check out.

    1. thanks for giving prefer to visit the stores. Kroger continuously work to improve their products and provide customer satisfaction for every individual who shop at the stores.

  9. This never took me to any survey , beleive I may like the old one better at least I could find the survery page!

    1. I have plenty of fuel points to be used to earn fuel points but for 7 days I do have a lot of grocery shopping and pharmacy they have backup from September until February so how can I use my receipts to apply for the points

  10. This change over of the survey is atrocious. I cannot access the survey quickly and simply as I have for two years. This along with several issues at my local store in Memphis makes me question the competency of the Kroger IT. I cannot adequately express my frustration with this change over in the survey.

  11. My $251.16 receipt from 6/7/23 did not have a full id #. It only had 473 7 53 XXX. I attempted to follow the no number instructions, however,the site wanted a credit card which I did not feel comfortable with giving out for a survey. The store phone # is 928 XXX XXX. Please let me know how to handle this.

      1. Completed survey, then would not accept my loyalty card number to receive fuel points (I entered one number incorrectly the first time, but wouldn’t accept my correct number). Tried multiple times.

        1. Make sure that you entered the entire card number with no spaces or dashes. If still it doesn’t work, Go to the customer service desk ( and they can replace it for you

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