I do not have a survey Entry ID on my receipt

If you don’t find survey entry ID on your receipt, You can give certain information that is printed on your receipt. Generally a receipt contains Date, Time , and Entry ID on the bottom of the receipt. If your survey Entry ID is missing, Please enter

Please enter a 10-digit phone number.



  • Store Phone Number (Located on the top of the receipt)
  • Date (Date printed on the purchase receipt)
  • Time (Time with Hours & minutes printed on the receipt)

When you click on start survey, you will land on to the page, where the survey questionnaire is displayed, where you need to spend 5-10 minutes to complete the survey. If you’re more interested in how the questions would be, you can get complete list of survey questions from the below link .


I do not have a survey entry ID on my receipt ?

Please follow the above steps.

Can I take the survey without entry ID ?

YES..!! You can enter : Store Phone Number, Date and Time to participate in the survey.

My receipt containing the entry ID is missing ? How to proceed ?

Receipt is necessary to enter the information. So please secure it.

Where is my Entry ID located ?

Entry ID is located on the bottom of the receipt.

I am facing error “Please enter your Entry ID exactly as it appears on your receipt?”

Double Check your Entry ID before entering into the survey.

Why is my Entry ID missing on my receipt ?

Sometime the stores do not realize their mistakes, whether you can ask in the store itself, if not push a mail to support.

I want to complain to support regarding missing of my survey Entry ID ? How to do ?

You can directly report to Kroger customer support from here.

Can I request a duplicate receipt with the Entry ID included?

Yes..!! You can re-visit the stores, explain the scenario and collect your duplicate receipt.